Kristina Stalnionytė, Rytas Šalna: The Colours of Peru


Publisher: Didakta 2016

240 pages


Peru dazzles its visitors with colours, carries out with folk dance rhythms, envelopes in Andean tunes. Different facial features of local people, a variety of languages and dialects, outstanding fabric patterns make one wonder of richness and complexity of this country’s past, which is also the past of many South American cultures. Every chapter of this book is a window into Peruvian history, tradition, nature, art, and people.


Dozens of ancient cultures left their footprints in Andean mountains, in green valleys, in the Amazon basin, and in sandy deserts of the Pacific coastline. The Incas and peoples preceding them built vast cities, giant stone fortresses, clay pyramyds, and laid a great network of roads. Many of these wonders submerged into deep sleep under lush forest vegetation, others lay breathless covered by coastal sands. To catch a glimpse of ancient mysteries, to lift the veil if even with the little finger, one needs time, peace of mind, and genuine love for this country.


Spectacular Andean Mountains streching over the central part of Peru descend into a vast rainforest in the East. The Western slopes reach out to the coastal plains and deserts where ancient cultures left giant drawings only to be seen from high above. Peru is dotted with ruins from North to South, from East to West. There are not enough archaeologists to research all of them, and not enough security to keep away the looters.


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Inka World and its Navel

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Trails of White Mountains

Clay Cities and Golden Treasures

Worriors of the Clouds and the Last Breath of the Incas

Coastal Deserts and Nasca Lines

White City and the Land of Condors

On the Shores of Titikaka

Where Amazon Flows

Lima, the Capital