Postal Road Latvia-Lithuania-Poland 2014

Expedition reports:

"Postal Route Latvia-Lithuania-Poland 2014"


I was the official photographer and reporter for the 2014 Lithuanian expedition by two horse driven carriages along the historical XVIII century Postal Route connecting St. Petersburg with Warsaw. The expedition lasted three weeks, and was organized by "Klajūnų klubas" (the Lithuanian "Wanderers' Club").


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Lithuanian Breed Samogitian Horse 7 Day Traditional Ride-2019


Epedition reports:

"Luoke-Niuronys by Traditional Samogitian Horse Carriages 2019"


I was the reporter and photographer for the 2019 expedition by Lithuanian (Samogitian) breed horse driven carriages who made 300 kilometres across the whole country to participate in the tradicional olden days market "Run, Run, my Horse" where the farmers used to trade straight from the wagons. There were 8 carriages in total. The expedition was organized by Anyksščiai Municipality, Samogitian Horse Breeders Association, Horse Museum and the Museum of A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis Žukauskas.



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